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Team Members

Dr. Ignacio Morales Castilla

Ignacio Morales Castilla (Madrid, 1981), has a PhD in Ecology by the University of Alcalá, where he currently works after expanding his research experience working in worldwide renowned institutions such as McGill University (Canada) or Harvard University (USA). His research has studied the effects of Global Change on biodiversity from multiple angles. Recently, he has become interested on the agrarian dimension of biodiversity, analyzing the importance of agrobiodiversity as tool to adapt agriculture to climate change. Dr. Morales-Castilla uses viticulture as a conspicuous study case given the high diversity found in winegrapes, as well as their economic, ecological and cultural importance.

Dr. Félix Cabello Sáenz de Santa María

Felix Cabello was born in Madrid though his family comes from La Rioja: Tricio and Aguilar Del Río Alhama. He obtained his degree in Agronomic Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Following, he obtained a PhD by the same university, and carried on work in the “El Encín” experimental field, an agronomic institute belonging to the Comunidad de Madrid. His studies have identified and assessed varieties of Spanish and European winegrapes. Currently, he is the chief of the Agro-food Department at the Instituto Madrileño de Investigación Agraria y Alimentaria de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Dr. Gregorio Muñoz Organero

Born in La Villa de Don Fadrique (Toledo) in a family of La Mancha winegrowers, he grew surrounded by vineyards. PhD in Agronomical Engineering, his professional career centers on viticulture, mainly in the conservation, characterization and evaluation of grapevine varieties. He has developed the most part of his career in the vine varieties collection at “El Encín” (Alcala de Henares), where he currently is in charge of Research Services. He has coordinated and participated in several regional, national and European research projects related with the genetic diversity of winegrapes, its conservation and promotion. At present, he is member of several national and international commissions and working groups related with plant genetic resources.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

The Professor Miguel Ángel Rodriguez comes from a Manchegos’s winegrowing family in Cabezamesada (Toledo). For years he has been devoted to Ecology, a field in which he is a reference thanks to his important work investigating the effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on the biodiversity of wild and domesticated species. His research documents patterns of species distribution and identifies the current and historical factors and processes that give rise to these patterns. Dr. Rodríguez's experience will be key to assess the ecological consequences that derive from the effects of climate change on the viticulture of the Iberian Peninsula.

Dr. Juan Mariano Cabellos Caballero

PhD in Chemistry and graduated as Specialist in Viticulture and Enology, he is researcher at the Madrid Institute of Agrarian, Food and Rural Research and Development (IMIDRA). He coordinates and participates in national and regional research projects where he has dedicated several years to the evaluation of enological properties of grapevine varieties, studying their adaptation ability, maturitation, making micro-vinifications and analyzing the physical-chemical and sensory properties to report their oenological potential. Doctor Cabellos is member of wine tasting commission of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin “Vinos de Madrid”.

MSc. Marta Fernández Pastor

Marta Fernández Pastor (Madrid, 1988) is graduated in Environmental Science by Alcala University (2012) and currently she works as research assistant in the Madrid Institute of Agrarian, Food and Rural Research and Development (IMIDRA). She obtained a MSc in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management and Functioning by the Basque Country University (2014). Her MSc Thesis, on the effects of Global Change on the Spanish Network of Protected areas was completed at Complutense University of Madrid as part of a research project for the Agricultural, Food and Environment Ministry. She is specialized in Geographic Information Systems and currently works in a cartography for the wine regions of the world.

MSc. Jose García Guerra

He obtained his BSc in Environmental Sciences by the Pablo de Olavide University (Sevilla). He worked in forest ecology as a research assistant at CREAF, IRNAS-CSIC and following completed a MSc in Ecosystem Restauration at Alcalá University. Trained as consultant for ecological production, he is founder and president of the Association for the Conservation and Development Natural Areas in Agrarian Regions - LINDE VERDE. In addition, he has worked as freelance consultant on environmental issues before joining the viticulture group in the research center “El Encin” (IMIDRA) in 2017. He currently works in his PhD Thesis both at IMIDRA and at the group Weeds from ICA-CSIC, on different vineyard management systems.

Miguel Ángel Urbanos García

Born in Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca). He is a highly qualified research technician at the Madrid Institute of Agrarian, Food and Rural Research and Development (IMIDRA). He works in the experimental cellar of the research center “El Encin”, as well in the oenological research laboratory. He has collaborated in several research projects related with viticulture and oenology. Miguel Angel Urbanos is in charge of the meteorological station in the research center of “El Encin”, which belongs to the IMIDRA.

Amaya Cervera

Spanish Wine Lover Founder. During the last 20 years has worked as wine journalist for different relevance guides, publications and enterprises in Spain. Probably, her Basque origins (to love the gastronomy and to get together around a table) predisposed in a natural way to this liquid world. The best, however, has been to be able to join the wine to her other great passion: telling stories.

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