The line of reasearch that I currently develop together with Prof. Elizabeth Wolkovich (Harvard University; University of British Columbia) on projecting future phenology of winegrape varieties has a great potential for scientific outreach. As an example, I have participated in a recent influential paper studying global diversity patterns in wine grapes ( Wolkovich et al. 2018;Nature Climate Change ) that is receiving a great deal of media attention (Altmetric score: 390), which is a perfect platform to inform and educate the general public about the relevance of climate change and its effects on our lives.

Examples of my research on the media:

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  • Los viticultores deben optar por uvas que se adapten mejor al cambio climático ( La Vanguardia )
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  • El cambio climático también afectará al vino y a nuestro gusto por el vino ( Portal Comunicación UAH )