Supervising, mentoring and teaching activities

Students Supervised


  • Jose Antonio Calvo Manzano, B.Sc. in Biology Thesis (University of Alcalá) Project: “The effects of climate change on the phenology and quality of winegrape international varieties”

  • 2017

  • Marco Martín Peinado, B.Sc. in Biology Thesis (University of Alcalá) Project: “Toxicological effects of herbicides over animal taxonomic groups”

  • 2016-2014

  • Dr. Joanne Bennet, Postdoctoral Fellowship (iDiv) Project: “Synthetizing Worldwide Ecology, Evolution and Physiology (sWEEP): Unifying marine and terrestrial biodiversity at the interplay of macroecology, macrophysiology and macroevolution”. Joint mentoring with Dr. Miguel Á. Olalla-Tárraga

  • 2013

  • Javier Pradas, B.Sc. in Mathematics Thesis (UniversityAutónoma of Madrid) Project: “Applications of Bayesian methods in evolutionary biology” Joint supervision with Prof. José R. Berrendero

  • 2012

  • Marta Fernández Pastor, B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences Thesis (University of Alcalá) Project: “Climate Change effects on the distribution of Juniperus and Populus in Europe” Joint supervision with Prof. Miguel Á. Rodríguez