Ignacio Morales-Castilla, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Department of Life Sciences University of Alcalá Ctra N-II, Km. 33,600, 28802, Alcalá de Henares(Spain)
E-mail:ignacio.moralesc@uah.es Phone:+34 672748160

Why biodiversity is distributed on Earth as it does? What is the signature of historical and evolutionary processes on current diversity patterns? Can we predict the future of biodiversity in a changing world? These are among the central questions in which my research program focuses. Specifically, it aims to: (1) disentangle the relative roles of evolution and ecology as drivers of community structure, (2) understanding how different aspects of the species’ niches are evolutionarily conserved, (3) enhancing models of biotic interactions and/or species distributions by integrating phylogenetic, functional and geographic information. Ultimately, I am interested in better understanding and predicting species and ecosystem vulnerability in a context of Global Change